Large format outdoor advertising stands

We manufacture a wide range of large-format advertising stands, some of them self-supporting, such as monopodsor billboardsand the rest to be installed to the wall, such as aluminum trussesor steel canvas frames.

The vast majority of our large format supports are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, according to the needs of the product in what resistance and lightness is required.

All our outdoor advertising stands are covered by our product liability insurance, and when installed by us, by our installation liability insurance, each with a coverage of 1,200,000 €uros.

As standard, engineering projects are carried out for products such as monopods, and can be carried out for any product upon customer request.

Large format outdoor advertising


We are

in charge of it all

Turnkey service. We are in charge of it all.

  • Previous Visit.
  • Personalised advice
  • Manufacturing of the large format advertising element to install
  • Endorsed manufacturing project for those supports that, due to their size, require it
  • Installation anywhere in the country and maintenance if necessary

Advertising monographs

We manufacture and install monopods of great variety in terms of formats and shapes, anywhere in the Spanish geography.
All of them comply with the CTE (technical building code) in terms of resistance, as well as the regulations related to the prevention of occupational hazards, with a lifeline and ladder with ring handrail.

All our monopodsinclude by default the manufacturing engineering project endorsed by the corresponding technicalcollege and upon request of the client, we also offer as additional service, visa execution projects and end-of-project certificates.

In the same way, all our monpods are covered during the warranty period by our product and installation liability insurance of 1,200,000 €uros each.

Canvas with steel frame

Steel frames for canvases are structures madeof galvanized steel composed of plug-in tubes of 1 and 2 m. long and corner and legs to take to the wall, which we use for the installation of canvases stretched on facades. From these elements the measurements required by the client is composed, within the maximum measures that this material allows, 3 x 4 m. For larger options, request information.


Gigantographies are prints or images of proportions greater than usual, made to be visible to all types of moving public.

From this concept the idea is simple,make images or prints, choosing the media that best fits for installation (canvas, fabric, vinyl, …), so that our brand or message has the greatest advertising impact possible.

At IBERTI we are at your disposal to study the location and recommend the gigantographythat best suits it.


When choosing anIBERTI advertising billboards, we guarantee a very high level of quality and safety.

Advertising billboards manufactured at IBERTI meet the following conditions:

  • We guarantee that you comply with the C.T.E. (Technical Building Code).
  • In the event that it is installed by the client, we will provide drawings and protocol for its execution.
  • Product Liability Insurance.
  • Installation Liability Insurance.

Tarpaulins with aluminum frame (TRUSS)

Aluminum frames for canvases, also called “truss“, are structures made of aluminum composed of plug-in or modular elements 1, 2, 3 and 4 m long and corner and legs to take to the wall, which we use to install canvases stretched on facades. From these elements the measurements required by the client is composed.

There are simple, double, triple and quadrangular “trussdepending on the sides that the structure has. As the sides are added, the strength of the structure increases.

The aluminum “truss” combine great lightness together with a great resistance, compared to steel frames that, although they are very resistant, are much heavier and difficult to handle, especially when large structures are composed.