Advertising monopods

We manufacture and install monopods of great variety in terms of formats and shapes, anywhere in the Spanish geography.

All our monoposts have a manufacturing engineering project endorsed by the corresponding technical college.

In the same way, all our monoposts are covered during the warranty period by our product and installation liability insurance of 1,200,000 €uros each.



⇦ Single pole with 12 m shaft and steel letters in steel with LED backlight installed in Bilbao for Viva Gym.


Common measurements6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 15 - 1 8- 20 m.
Other measuresAny height up to 35 m.
Diameters and shapesAccording to height
TerminationEpoxy paint in any RAL color


Common measurements3x6 - 3x8 - 5x10 - 6x12 m.
Other measuresAny size up to 16x12 m.
Shapes1, 2 or 3 faces
Other shapesRequest
FinishEpoxy paint in any RAL color


IlluminationBacklit exterior or interior
Light typeUsing halogen or LED projectors.


We only use long-lasting polymeric vinyl

If you choose an IBERTI monopost, we offer you the following work protocol:

– Preview of an engineer from our technical department to study the installation area.

– Excavation of the brake shoe.

– Concrete with framework and base.

– Anchor plate installation.

– Assembly of the monopost.

– Vinyl/s of the fence/s that form it.

– Lighting installation.

The final price includes:

– All transport costs, cranes and concreting.

– Technical manufacturing project.

– Civil Liability Insurance of the product (€1,200,000).

– Installation Liability Insurance (€1,200,000).

– Final lighting test and formal delivery to the client.

We do not sell advertising spaces, we are manufacturers and installers.