Manufacturing of flagpoles

One of the fundamental divisions in IBERTI is the manufacturing of masts. In our more than 6,500m2 of facilities we manufacture masts in the widest range of materials (Fiberglass masts, Aluminum masts, Stainless steel masts, as well as composite materials).

The use of all these materials allows us to manufacture masts for all needs and sizes. We manufacture from desktop masts with a size of 15 cm, through large masts such as the 25 metre high masts that we have installed in dozens of cities in Spain and Europe.

Wemanufacture masts of special measures up to 40 metres high, such as the one we have installed in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium (Madrid).

We complete our range of masts with a wide variety of masts made especially for different uses.

Manufacturing of large format masts

We manufacture outdoor masts

All our outdoor masts leave the factory with a numbered stainless steel plate, which is associated with a written, numbered, signed and sealed warranty contractthat is delivered with each mast. In addition this procedure allows us to make a traceability of the product, controlling and improving the present and future products.

Quality Warranty

All our masts are covered by our product liability insurance and when installed by us, by our installation liability insurance, each with a coverage of 1,200,000 €uros.

Manufacture of flagpoles

We manufacture a wide range of masts which can be divided into 3 broad categories: outdoor masts, indoor masts and masts for specific uses.

Outdoor masts


We manufacture outdoor masts at heights ranging from 2 to 25 metres in a standard way and on request in any measure, such as the 40-metre mast that we manufacture for the Wanda Metropolitano or the 41-metre mast that we manufacture for the City of Seville.

In the same way we manufacture our outdoor masts in a wide range of materials such as fiberglass, cylindrical aluminum, conical aluminum, stainless, lacquered carbon steel, etc.

Taking into account the geographical locationand its meteorological and environmental conditions, as well as the size of the flag that you want to install, we select the material, diameters, thicknesses and other characteristics that best suit your needs.

Outdoor masts
Mástiles de interior e institucionales

Indoor masts


In the masts in which thedestination is indoor installationand therefore have no technical requirements in terms of resistance, our first consideration has been the development of a range where prime aesthetics, with the use of noble materials of the maximum quality, and highly practical models as far as its use and installationrefers to.

All our masts are designed to meet the highest expectations. A good example of this is our range of office masts, as well as our range of desktop masts. All our ranges are available in different materials, where we manufacture in gilded brass, chromed steel, stainless steel, wood, fiberglass and carbon fiber.

In the same way, we offer a complete variety of accessories where our flag shaper, which makes the flag is perfectly located in the masts of offices, our various pinnacles in the form of arrow, spear, lyre, ball, plane and sphere or our office masts in sections that allows an easy and economic transport.

Masts of specific uses.


Besides masts of conventional exterior and interior uses described above, there is a great variety of masts manufactured in our facilities, which due to the specific characteristics that require for the specific usefor which they have been designed, we include them in this third category of Masts for specific uses.

These include the following: snow masts, tarpaulin masts, standard carrier masts, masts for official vehicles, advertising masts for vehicles, masts for wind socks, masts for triage and event masts.

All these masts have been developed specifically for each of their uses after a thorough and detailed study of each of them.

If you need a mast for a specific use that is not included in this section, please contact us, inform us of your needs and we will advise you.

Mastil fijado sobre la nieve