Deluxe retractable metal spacer posts

These types of separating posts, are especially indicated for the control of people. Its retractile tape on reel, allows to delimit an area in a short space of time, as happens with its disassembly.

In the case of DELUXE spacer posts, the tapes are twice as long as the standard ones, reaching up to 4 m in length. The bases of these posts are twice as heavy, which gives them great stability.

The main features of these posts are

Technical characteristics

MaterialStainless steel
EndStraight - flat
Height950 mm
Post diameter76 mm
Tape length4 m
Base diameter350 mm
Base weight12 Kg




It is possible to customise these posts or the retractable tape with the corporate image of your company, or your logo for example, an elegant and simple way to stand out from the rest, as you can see in the following images in detail.


If you prefer, finish it to a wall. Thanks to the wall terminal, you can make your pole configuration delimited against a wall, as you can see in the following images. (All options in the accessories section)

Security closure detail

The Iberti retractable tape terminals are compatible with the vast majority of products marketed in Europe.

For specific needs, we have a base (12 Kg) that DUPLICATES the weight of the most used bases (6.7 Kg).

Colour range of the tapes