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Technical characteristics

Pitch5 mm
Brightness+- 5.500 nits
Viewing distance> 5 m
Maximum power+- 229 w
Average consumption+- 229 w
Working voltage230 V
Scanning> 8 s
Tightness degreeIP54
Pixels128x128 px
Pitch8 mm
Brightness+- 5.000/6.000 nits
Viewing distance> 8 m
Maximum power< 590 w
Average consumption+- 196 w
Working voltage230 V
Scanning> 5 s
Tightness degreeIP54
Pixels80x80 px

Remote Control.

  • Programmable on / off timer
  • Possibility of texts superimposed on scenes
  • Brightness, contrast and range control
  • Preview of scenes on PC

Scene functions

  • Photo / Video
  • Scene functions
  • Text
  • Clock, stopwatch, * temperature,* humidity
    *Optional. Not included.


  • Available languages: Spanish / English.
  • Easy to use, programmable to run the content
2 Year Warranty
Cable RJ45 included
Optional 4G Wifi
USB Connection Included
Optional temperature and brightness sensor