External Institutional Flags

We manufacture all kinds of Institutional flags. If you need to purchase country flags, institution flags, autonomous flags, city flags and/or international code flags of signals,please contact us and we will advise you on materials, sizes, formats….

We cover the whole manufacturing process, from the selection of the fabric, the printing and the manufacturing, always with high quality fabrics and fulfilling the maximum efficiency in terms of functionality and resistance of our Institutional flags.

Generally, the fabric that we use most often for manufacturing for our outdoor models is 100% polyester with a weight of 120 gr/mt2. In areas that are not particularly problematic in regards to wind, this fabric gives the flag a very good lifespan in relation to its cost. You can learn more about the durability of the Institutional flags manufactured with this fabric, in the section of our website https://www.iberti.es/banderas/recomendaciones/vida-util/

If you need a more resistant fabric because the location of the flag is very demanding climatologically speaking, we can manufacture on request, any type of flag in a 100% polyester fabric of 160 gr/mt2. With this fabric the lifespan of the Institutional flag is increased by up to 50% compared to those made with conventional fabric.

For Institutional flags sized 5 x 7.5 mts or larger, we have a special fabric and a textile architecture patented by us called NHT, which gives these large format flags an optimal lifespan. You can learn more about this product in our websitesection.


We manufacture by means of flat printing or screen printing, all flags which are Institutional banners and that have an important rotation which allows us to make medium and large productions: flags of the the European Union members, European Flag, National Flag and autonomous flags. The production by flat stamping gives the flags an optimum colour strength (intensity).

We manufacture by means of printing digitally and direct to the textile and subsequent sublication, all those flags whose rotation is small: flags of small towns, flags of countries of other continents,for Institutions. OTAN, ONU type…


Generally, we make most of our institutional flags through a double perimeter hem made with ultraviolet-treated threads. To raise the flag, on the right side of it, we sew a polypropylene tape with a “D” shaped ring on each end. These rings are plastic and are manufactured by ABS injection, giving much better results than traditional metal rings.