Engineering and Visual Communication

At IBERTI we are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of products, most of which are included in visual communication. All of them endorsed and developed by our engineering department, with the main objective of improving thebrand visualization of our clients.

We make your brand as big as you want

We have 25 years of experienceand presence both in the national market, through our 6 offices located in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Valencia and the Canary Islands, as well as in the European and international marketthrough exclusive distributors.

We have 6,500 m2 of facilities, 40 people, 5 industrial vehicles, 6 commercial vehicles, state-of-the-art machinery such as map plotters, textiles, solvents, numerical control, laser cutters, lathes, benders, folders, paint booth and a perfectionist team willing to give everything for the quality we offer to our customers.

Flagpoles and flags

One of the fundamental divisions in IBERTI is the manufacturing of flagpoles, which we manufacture in a wide range of materials(fiberglassmasts, aluminummasts, stainless steel masts and composite materials). The use of all these materials allows us manufacture masts for all needs and sizes, from desktop masts with a size of 15 cm to large masts such as 18 metre and 25 metre masts that we have installed in dozens of cities in Spain and Europe, or special measurement masts, having recently reached 40 metres high.

In 2001 we started our activity in the world of advertising and institutional banners in response to the growing demand from our customers requesting quality flags to place on the masts we supply.

IBERTIdecided to create a division dedicated to the design and manufacture of flags of all kinds, which includes from the selection of the highest quality fabrics for both exterior and interior, the printing and / or embroidery of them through different techniques and clothing that best suits the needs of each flag, having become a benchmark in the sector for companies interested in buying any type of flag.

The growth of the sector has led us to provide our flagdivision with ample human, technical and material resources, in order to compete for leadership in the sector.

Like the rest of our company, this division of IBERTI adopted the company philosophy in terms of specialisation in each area of activity and a constant investment in R & D & I with which to obtain a competitive advantage and a product with the highest possible quality, having managed to be referents in flagsfor events of great national and international relevancel.

Large format Masts and flags

Such as manufacturers of masts and flags and in particular as specialists in masts and flags of large format, in 2017 we installed in the Wanda Metropolitano, the new Atlético de Madrid stadium, the largest hoisted flag in Spain, a flag of more than 330 m2 installed on a mast 40 metres high.

Lettering and Signaling

Between 2017 and 2018 we manufactured and installed the signs, signage and emergency signage of the two new and largest AMAZONcentres in Spain, in the Prat de Llobregat and in Illescas. For us it has been a real challenge labelling and signaling more than 163,000 m2 of facilities.

At the end of 2018 we have made the manufacturing and installation of all the signage and signage elements of the Torrecárdenas Shopping Centre, a shopping centre with an area of 150,000 m2 that has been carried out in record time.

Other recent milestones

In 2016 we manufacture and install in the SALTOKYfacilities in Barcelona, which are probably the largest backlit corporeal letters with canvas front in Spain. A truly spectacular 11×42 m sign.

Between 2015 and 2016 we manufacture and install all the signage and signage elements of the Nevada Shopping Centre, which with its 280,000 m2, is one of the largest in Spain.