Document holder separator posts

These pole models are designed to complement and clarify the delimitation of the areas you wish to establish. Because of their ease of exchanging the signaling and the low cost of it, they represent an ideal solution for all types of entities.

The main characteristics of thses posts are:

Technical characteristics

Post materialStainless steel
EndDocument holder
Height950 mm
Post diameter51 mm / 38 mm
Base diameter
330 mm

Inform at the same time as you organise your queues of people, in a simple and economical way : We present different options which best fit your needs.

Interchangeable brackets for posts with retractable tape

Inox A4 methacrylate vertical accessory

Horizontal stainless steel A4 closed frame accessory

Vertical Stainless Steel A4 closed frame accessory

Vertical lacquered stainless steel black A4 methacrylate accessory

They fit precisely and easily.

Posts with inserted brackets

Open vertical A4 inox methacrylate

Inox horizontal closed frame

Inox vertical closed frame

Inox lacquered black open vertical A4 methacrylate

All document holders have 2 methacrylate plates to protect the graphic
For specific needs we have a base (12 Kg) that DUPLICATES the weight of the most used base (6.7 Kg)