Depending on the wind zone where installation takes place (A, B or C), and depending on the height and type of net you want to install, we manufacture poles that best suits your needs in any of the following materials:

– Galvanized Steel.

– Cylindrical aluminium. Better behavior than galvanized in coastal areas with a high degree of oxidation).

– Structural conical aluminium (In the case of big heights).

– Galvanized Steel turrets. (In the case of big heights).

Galvanized steel

Cylindrical Aluminium

Conical Aluminium

Galvanized Steel Turrets


All our poles are provided with base plates to facilitate any possible repair and / or replacement.


We perform all our installations with plastic coated steel cables. Holding the cord to the net it is performed by injected plastic shackles. The securing the cord to the pole is made by round stainless eyebolts without edges.