Common sizes:

1,8 x 2,25 m – 2,4 x 3 m – 2 x 2,4 m – 2 x 3,2 m – 2 x 4 m – 3,6 x 4,5 m – 3 x 8 m

Other sizes:

We can manufacturer any size regulated by the autonomous regulations and/or private companies.

Options to choose:

  • 1 side billboard.
  • 2 sides billboard.
  • With or without frame.
  • With anchor baseplate or IPN.
  • With anchoring turrets for high speed winds.
  • With exterior lighting or backlit.
  • With led spotlights or halogen ones.
  • With monomeric or polimeric vinyl (according to the life span required).

When you choose an IBERTI billboard, we guarantee the highest quality level and security. The times when a billboard was just “two legs and a graphics holder” placed “in whatever way” and without any technical criteria, passed away.

IBERTI billboards meet the following conditions:

– We guarantee they comply with the Technical Building Code (T. B. C.)
– In the case it’s the customer who performs the billboard installation, we’ll provide the technical drawings and the execution protocol.
– Product liability insurance.
– Installation liability insurance.

We don’t sell advertising spaces, we are manufacturers and installers.