Place the flag on the pole and allow it to fly freely.

Avoid that the flag touches or bumps on other flagpoles, trees, lamp posts, flagpoles, walls, etc.


The tear of a flag begins by breaking a single thread of the seam hem perimeter, often on the bottom exterior part. If any damage is observed, however small, remove the flag and repair it, which will extend the life of the flag.


Dirtiness caused by air pollution is easily remedied with a wash.

Before washing, you should remove all hard elements of the flag: rings, or other attachments. Use a normal washing machine, a good brand detergent and do it in a 40 ° – 60 ° water temperature.  Iron it at a low temperature and if possible by placing a cloth over the fabric to avoid burns, since ironing at a high temperature can make the polyester can burn and shrivel.