Identification plate 

Each pole leaves our factory with a numbered stainless steel plate. This procedure allows us to control and improve current and future products, and is also the product reference warranty.


At the date of issue of this website we are the only company offering a written numbered security agreement, signed and sealed.

Liability insurance

All products and external services (installations and maintenance) are performed by specialist staff of the company, never outsourced.

We have two liability insurance contracts with the insurance company Plus Ultra, covering all risks of our business.

Nº of Policy Quantity Coverage
BGD0012464 1.200.000 € Products
BGD0012464 1.200.000 € Installations


We survey the winds of each location or area and we recommend pole heights, the material as well as the size and weight of the flag.

Wind warning system

We have a warning winds system developed and patented by Iberti, whereby when the meteorological state agency anticipates that the winds of location can reach 75% of the security of the mast, you will receive, automatically, a notification via e-mail.