Manufacture and installation of light boxes.

A light box is a luminous sign including:

-Back part and edges made in an opaque material (usually steel or stainless steel)

-An interior light (usually made with led technology)

-A front side that totality or partially is made of translucent material: canvas backlight, methacrylate…

In Iberti we manufacture all types of light boxes: regular shape, die-cut shape, backlighted front canvas, front in methacrylate, fretworked aluminium front back covered with methacrylate…

The use of different materials and shapes allows us to manufacture LIGHT BOXES for every need and size.

Most common types of Light Boxes

Here are the most popular types of our Light Boxes. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any doubts about which is the most suitable for your business

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Latest technology for the production of light boxes.

IBERTI has the latest technology in machinery for the manufacture of light boxes: numerical control milling machine, laser cutting machine, bending machine, painting booth, printing plotter on rigid…. All this machinery gives us an unique ability and agility.

In IBERTI we work with a wide range of materials for the production of our LIGHT BOXES, as well as various finishes, using for each production the most appropriate material depending on the location and size of the box.


In Iberti we offer the manufacture of all types of light boxes, being the most common: aluminium light box with methacrylate front, aluminium light box with backlight canvas, aluminium light box with fretworked composite aluminium front panel and back covered with methacrylate…

We illuminate all our light boxes by means of LED technology, usually by led modules, achieving a quality lighting with a reduced electric consumption.

Installation of light boxes.

Iberti offers installation services.

All of our light boxes are covered by our product liability insurance. When we develop the installation, our installation liability insurance coverage is 1.200.000 €.